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      How to Show Off Your Patriotism With Fashion

      We the people

      Proud to be an American citizen? Proud to be from the South? We’re living in a time where people can begin to doubt the importance or the impact of patriotism, but when it comes down to it, this really is a sentiment that we can all understand. While we all experience feelings of patriotism differently, it’s something the vast majority of us know and understand. We routinely engage in acts of patriotism. We teach our kids the national anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. We vote. We enjoy the freedom of speech. At the end of the day, the US is a great place to live, and we should all be proud of our sense of national identity.

      Of course, you may wonder how you can show off your pride in this country we call home. There are plenty of ways, but what is one of the most immediately visible and recognizable? Your clothing. Here’s some more information that will help you to show off your patriotism through fashion and patriotic clothing.

      Expressing Yourself Through Clothes

      Expressing yourself through the clothes you choose to wear is nothing new. We’ve all likely shown people our tastes, interests, and character through the things we decide to wear daily. We wear band t-shirts to show the music we enjoy. We have jumpers or hoodies with quotes from TV shows or favorite film characters to show our taste in media. Some of us have hats with slogans showing our political allegiance or stance on political issues. Our kids wear clothes with their favorite cartoon characters. The list goes on. It’s not hard to show your pride in your country through the clothes you choose to wear.

      Showing Pride

      When you wear patriotic clothing, you can show pride in where you’re from. Whether that’s showing southern pride with a Georgia state hat in your hometown or wearing a t-shirt that states you love your southern life, these pieces go a long way in creating a unique and stylish message.

      Attention and Conversation

      Wearing southern pride clothing can draw attention to you and to where you’re from. Wearing something like a Georgia state hat can indicate that you love your southern life. If you’re out and about wearing it further from home, it will indicate where you’re from and that you’re proud of your background. It can let others with a similar history or upbringing approach you, help with building connections, and more! It’s always good to get a conversation going and to share your knowledge and experiences.

      If you’re looking for patriotic clothing and pieces that show your love of outdoor living, we have you covered. With durable, comfortable clothing that shows off your interests, the things you value, and where you’re from, you’re sure to love what we have to offer.

      I HONOR YOUR Service to America

      I HONOR YOUR Service to America

      This passed October 21, while working one of our festivals in Suwanee, GA, I meet a wonderful man that is a Veteran himself and served in the Army during the Vietnam ERA in Korea. In 2012, Ron Hayman, founder, and president created the company called "I Honor Your Service To, Inc." This company is a Disabled Veteran owned charitable organization. THE MISSION is to honor, support and encourage deployed troops and homeless Veterans with Military Care Packages. The more we talked the more compelled I felt as a company to do something to help honor our service men and women in this way.

      Their site is dedicated to supporting our troops in combat roles and combat support roles with (Military Care Packages) some of the comforts of home like snacks, Beef Jerky, toiletries, knitted items, current magazines, books, music, movies, Girl Scout Cookies, writing materials, coffee, CDs, DVDs, pictures from home, letters, and much more. We at State Homegrown encourage you to join us in our effort to support our troops with donations of money for shipping, or products to share with our heroes in Military Care Packages.

      Please support our Troops by clicking on the following link to Donate to their cause.

      Also, if you know a soldier, airman or sailor you would like to send a care package to, please email them the name, rank and APO address to, and they will send them a military care package asap!