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      Here at State Homegrown, we are proud of our roots and of our heritage. Being from the South, we know how to enjoy life each and every day, and we always stop to thank GOD for His glory. Being "homegrown" is about belonging to one's own particular locality, or state, even though you may not have been born there. So whether you go back to your original roots, or your roots have been planted somewhere new, display the feeling of pride you have for that state. "True to your roots"'s a state of mind.


      We are Proud to support NBCF

      This cause is especially important to us as we've been directly effected by this disease. God's blessed our family with my wife being an 15 year survivor. As a token of our support, we will be donating 15% of every purchase during the month of October toward the research of breast cancer. It was the advancement in technology that saved my wife's life. Thanks for your support.

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